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Bill Patton "Top 5 Strategies & Tactics For Winning Tennis"

Frank Giampaolo "Tennis Parent's bible" 2nd Edition

Marshall Jon Fischer "A Terrible Splendor"

Mike VanZutphen "Tennis Management" 

Becky Gunn Holmes "Totally Tennis For Me"

Joe Parent / Bill Scanlon "ZEN Tennis" 

Frank Giampaolo "Raising Athletic Royalty"

WTATP Tour Notes
Bill Patton "The Art of Coaching High School Tennis"

National / International Tennis Organizations

USTA - United States Tennis Association

ITF - International Tennis Federation
WTT - World Team Tennis

ATP - Men's Professional Tennis
WTA - Women's Professional Tennis
Intercollegiate Tennis Association
USPTA - US Professional Tennis Association


Grand Slams + other International Tournaments

Australian Open (January 18-31, 2016)

French Open (May 19 - June 7, 2015)
Wimbledon (June 29- July 12, 2015)
US Open (August 31 - September 13, 2015)
BNP Paribas, Indian Wells (March 7 - 20, 2016)

Corporate and Organizational Tennis Sites

adidas USA
Babolat USA
Do It Tennis


Wilson Sporting Goods
Tennis Consulting
Tennis Club Newsletter
Tennis Photos: Chain Link Tennis
Tennis Photos: Tennis Stars Candids
Tennis Media Group
Chain Link Tennis
Tennis Stars Candids

Connected Clubs Limited was founded by the two directors who are passionate about sports. Both have coached tennis professionally and
have a keen interest in other team sports and outdoor pursuits.
Connected Clubs is the UK distributor for Oncourt Offcourt, a leading manufacturer of tennis coaching aids. We also distribute
Racquet Weights in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering
excellent customer service and looking forward to working with you.  
Directory of all tennis courts in Orange County, California
We provide people with news, fixtures, and results for
all events of tennis played worldwide
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Live it, Love It and Learn It-
Tennis Lessons in Singapore
ATP Tennis statistic for all tennis and betting fans
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